Historic Landmarks Preservation

Koenigsberg Engineering PC has over 30 years of experience in historic and landmark restoration. Our landmark restoration projects have received awards from the Chicago Building Congress, California Preservation Foundation, and the Los Angeles Conservancy.

Our detail-oriented engineers and architects take special care and attention when working on landmark buildings. These projects are not just about fixing spalls, cracks, and ensuring the building’s safety; more importantly, they are about preserving the historical integrity of the building. KEPC takes pride in being a part of the history of landmark buildings.

Exterior Façade Repair and Maintenance

Koenigsberg Engineering PC has offered repair specifications and construction monitoring support for hundreds of buildings in New York City and Chicago. Our projects span a wide spectrum, ranging from landmark historic restoration endeavors with budgets exceeding $20,000,000 to essential maintenance and repair initiatives with budgets of less than $50,000. Each project is meticulously customized to meet the owner’s objectives and budget. KEPC provides comprehensive engineering support for all aspects of the project.

Façade Inspection & Safety Program (FISP)

In New York City, buildings exceeding 6 stories are required to undergo inspections of their exterior walls and appurtenances every five (5) years. Following these inspections, a technical examination report must be submitted to the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB).  The DOB has very specific rules and regulations on how the inspections have to be conducted and what inspection findings must be included in the report. The rules and regulations are periodically amended, and KEPC is committed to staying current with these changes. Koenigsberg Engineering PC has conducted hundreds of FISP inspections, and  has successfully filed hundreds of FISP Reports. 







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